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We have been helping organisations, leaders, teams and individuals with change initiatives for two decades. Here is how we can help you. 

Agile Implementations

We help you transform and improve your organisational processes. With two decades of experiences helping organisations to implement and imporve their agile implementations and day to day processes we have seen it all. We know how to enable lasting change an support change initiatives. Get in touch and we are happy to explore how we can support you. 


Organisational Design

Changing the way people work is also sometimes about changing how work works. We use Flight Levels and other methods to understand the operational structure and nature of work, in order to help you effectively shift your organisational structure.  We focus on value delivery and removing dependencies in order to enable work to flow more effectively. Get in touch to hear how we can help you shift your organisation and its ability to deliver.


Individual and Leadership Coaching

Individual change is often the basis for team and organisational change. Sometimes, we need to unpack and understand what's going on within for us to be able to communicate better and collaborate effectively. Get in touch to find out how we work with individuals to help them to grow themselves and those around them. 


Team coaching

A team is a complex system of individuals, and its ability to perform and deliver is dependant on many things. With two decades of experience working with teams, we have come to recognise patterns that can enable teams and patterns that can disable them. Get in touch to see how we can help your teams improve their processes, collaboration, and delivery. 

Get in Touch

Give us a call at +27722451690 or email us at to set up an exploratory call

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