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Grey Matters

The unconference conference.  Connecting and Creating

November 1 - 3 2024

Elanskloof Cottages 

Greytown, South Africa

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What is Grey Matters

For explorers, creators, innovators and leaders, Grey Matters is a mix of traditional talks and open-space technologies where attendees from different industries have the opportunity to create new connections.  The theme is connecting and creating, and we will create opportunities for new connections and ideas to emerge in many different ways. 

How will it work?

We will have a mix of speakers and open-space sessions. Speaker slots will be between 15 and 30 minutes, and after each speaker, there will be the opportunity to engage in smaller group sessions. The groups will be created based on questions that will interrogate the input deeper or connect it to something different in some way.  The second track will be a completely open space, 45-minute sessions created by the attendees for the attendees. Get input, advice, or just different perspectives on problems or ideas. 




R4200 single room
R6200 queen bed room 

Pricing includes 2 nights accommodation and meals and excludes drinks

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