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19th - 23rd
August , 2024.
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The Satir Intensive



Joanne Perold

Barry Tandy

Jean and Hugh

facilitated by

Jean McLendon & Hugh Gratz

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US $1,650.00

early bird

R25 000 for ZA and Africa

US $1,750.00

after June

R28 000 for ZA and Africa



Virgina M. Satir Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A

About the Satir Intensive

The Satir Intensive Experiential Workshop is a unique opportunity to learn about the Satir Growth Model from a theoretical perspective and through hands-on, experiential activities in an intimate setting with internationally- recognized Satir experts and facilitators Jean McLendon and Hugh Gratz.

The Satir Model teaches us that self-reflection and gaining clarity about our thought processes are crucial elements in improving our communication skills and increasing positive outcomes in any situation that involves human systems or interactions - so training involves a good deal of personal work and individualized attention and feedback from the facilitators as well as practical tools for applying the model effectively in a professional capacity.

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Who should attend?

The Workshop Schedule

August 19th, 2024

August 20th, 2024

August 21st, 2024

August 22nd, 2024

August 23rd, 2024

Day 1 of the Satir Intensive workshop introduces participants to the principles of counselling through Virginia Satir's perspective, focusing on centring/mindfulness and creating a supportive learning environment.

Activities include welcoming introductions, building community, exploring the Satir Model, and addressing personal and group dynamics. The day aims to ground participants in self-awareness and effective communication, concluding with a meditation to consolidate learning and prepare for applying these insights professionally.

On Day 2 of the Satir Intensive workshop, participants deepen self-awareness and explore interpersonal communication through practical tools and concepts rooted in Virginia Satir's work. Activities include centring, temperature reading, and support triads.

The day focuses on the "5 Freedoms," "Self Esteem Maintenance Kit," Satir's communication models, and the change process, providing participants with frameworks to manage dysfunctional communication and navigate change effectively. The session concludes by applying these insights to various contexts.

Day 3 of the Satir Intensive workshop deepens the engagement with personal and systemic change processes by focusing on family-of-origin dynamics and their impact on professional practice.

The day starts with mindfulness practices to anchor participants in self-awareness. A significant portion is dedicated to mapping family-of-origin and cultural influences, aiming to highlight automatic behaviours versus conscious choice-making. This exploration intends to enhance an understanding of personal history and its relevance to professional contexts, particularly in dealing with racism, white supremacy, and ethical behaviour.

Practical applications of these insights are explored through large group sculptures and triad processes, emphasizing advocacy for social justice and ethical practice. The day concludes by integrating emotional, cognitive, and ethical learnings, preparing participants to apply these insights in diverse contexts, including human rights advocacy and ethical professional conduct.

On Day 4 of the Satir Intensive workshop, participants learn practical tools for self-awareness and transformation and explore systemic influences on personal and professional life. They begin with mindfulness practice, then delve into sculpting, rule transformation, and a video demo called "Satir in Action". The day ends with a process session to integrate learning and clarify tool applications.

On the final day of CPD training, participants integrate and apply learned concepts and tools. Mindfulness practice and temperature reading check in on participants. Activities include a Satir Model review, "The Mandala" to identify personal resources, and closure activities. Participants review their training goals for accountability. The day ends with a Q&A session and graduation ceremony, emphasizing personal empowerment, self-care, and practical skills for ethical practice.

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What you'll learn



Zevenwacht Wine Estate

Find us at Langverwacht Road, Kuils River, 7579, Cape Town, South Africa


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