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Master the Art

Remote Facilitator Practitioner

Learn the principles of remote design. This world-renowned training series includes practical techniques, models and frameworks.  

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Upcoming Courses

In this course we will cover

Creating Equitable Conditions in Remote Meetings

Examine what it takes to bridge the gap between what we need and what we know. Learn practical skills and tips to create equitable remote meetings.

Varying Interaction Modes and Building Confidence

Develop your confidence in remote facilitation. Learn to create diversity in facilitation and navigate remote spaces confidently.

Creating Remote Meeting Connection and Navigating Change

Explore how to enable flow and bring more human connection to remote spaces, making a difference in the outcomes of your remote meetings.

Navigating Asynchronous Collaboration and Connection

Explore and leverage asynchronous collaboration as a key to long-term distributed strategy success.

Enabling Flow and Leveraging Visuals in Remote Facilitation

Discover how to create flow in remote meetings and leverage visuals to make your remote meetings more impactful and engaging.

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